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We invite you to become a Member of the CASA of Westmoreland Inc., Powerful Voice Society. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are everyday citizens, who receive court ordered appointments to speak up for a specific child’s best interest. CASAs have a powerful impact on a child’s story by making certain that the child receives all the services they need while in foster care and by advocating to meet emergent needs. CASAs ensure the child is in a safe, stable placement while options for a permanent home are carefully weighed by the courts.

When you become a Member of the Powerful Voice Society, you will know that you personally (and your family or business associates):

  • Are enabling us to sustain and expand the number of CASA Advocates to become powerful voices for foster children who have been abused, neglected, and/or abandoned.
  • Are enabling CASA Advocates to do the hard work of helping to stabilize and comfort a child who has been traumatized on the way into foster care and often while they are in foster care, as they move frequently, lose ground in their education, lose familiarity, hope and a positive self image. CASAs convey, one to one, that each foster child matters deeply and that they are worthy of a great future.
  • Are enabling us to field a strong staff supporting our Advocates by partnering and guiding them in this noble, life-altering work for these children.

CASA Advocates keep each individual foster child’s needs a “front burner” priority in an overburdened system. Powerful Voice Society Members are invaluable allies to CASA of Westmoreland.

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